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Hello, I’m Keegan Tenpenny, and so help you, you’ve stumbled upon my blog. Well, can’t be helped now (unless you exit out this tab, in which case, I plead for you to wait a moment). Nonetheless, this is the author description.


So first things first (I’ll just quote Haruspis here, cause he says it perfectly): I’m an aspiring writer who cares far too much about fictional universes. But really, that’s secondary. The truly first item to mention is that I’m a follower of Christ.


Caught you there, didn’t I? I didn’t say that I’m a Christian, just a follower of Christ. Actually, I am a Christian - I just reworded it to get your attention. What I mean by Christian is that I am defined by Christ and what He did, and I find my identity in Him. That entails a few things.

  1. I believe life has purpose and meaning because God created us.

  2. I believe God has given us talents to live and act out for him.

  3. One of my particular talents (I hope) is creative writing. 

  4. Therefore, I will attempt to honor God in and with my writing.


So, I will be using this blog as a means to try and exercise a skill I believe God has given me, similar to how He gives athletic prowess to a cross-country runner, or math skills to a technician.


What is the content of this blog? I am hesitant to say, because I don’t want to put it in a strict definition - if I want to post something, I’ll just post it. However, expect articles in one of these general areas:

-Review: a critique and examination of a piece of writing, media, etc.

-Reflection: an article on my life, experiences, etc.

-Story/Poem: creative fiction writing done by yours truly.

-Thoughts: random pieces, sometimes a crossover of the aforementioned area, sometimes just an unusual article.

-The Chief Choice: recommended music, books, movies, websites, etc.


There you go - my blog. If you want to ever leave a comment (assuming I set that up successfully), please do so - I appreciate comments, compliments, and constructive criticism. A note, however. If, for some peculiar reason, you wish to leave a negative or insulting comment, please simply don’t comment at all. It doesn’t help anyone, ever - so don’t do it. Thank you.


-Keegan Tenpenny,

Cartographer, Storyteller, and Eater of Pizza.